How do you find what you need in the audio response teller?

1 - Account Balance/Transaction History

•Current account balances

•History of deposits

•History of withdrawals (including debit card purchases)

•Dividends & interest totals YTD

•Cleared drafts

•List of all active loans

•Complete history of all account transactions

2 - Fund Transfers & Check Withdrawals

•Perform fund transfers

•Request check withdrawals

3 - Calculate a Loan Payment

4 - Access Special Services

•Change PIN number

•Change to a new account number

•List of all active loans

•Stop payment request

5 - Current Dividend & Interest Rates

•Current share account rate

•Current certificate rates

•Current loan rates

6 - Enter a Loan Application

9 - Help Information

# = Repeat Menu

* = Return to Main Menu

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